Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dog Week

This week has been filled of dogs, dogs, and more dogs!  My hubbie and I are dog sitting for my parents, so our house on North Fillmore is filled to the brim with dogs.  Of course, all dogs are inside and sleep in the bed!  It's been a fun week with all the babies, but as you can imagine, there is ALWAYS something going on.  Just so you know, tug matches, shredding stuffed animals, and squeaky toys squeak-offs are just a few of the many dog activities that we offer here at our dog-sitting home.  :o)


D and D

Steph, you are so sweet to have all those dogs in your home! I can just see you loving on those babies and having so much fun with them. I want you to meet Porter so badly! He appreciates his hug from Auntie Steph!

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