Friday, August 21, 2009

First Week... Done!

After today we can officially say that we've finished our first week of school. Yay!! Through all of the hectic first days of school we've managed to make it through with little issues. Today my students did their first fifth grade project. They put together "ME" bags. They chose their favorite bag and filled it with items that represent something about their lives. They turned out GREAT!! I couldn't have been any happier with their presentations. I had a lot of creative ideas, and the kiddos really enjoyed sharing with me and their classmates. Although the first week was wonderful, I am going to sleep tight this weekend as I readjust to the "regular" schedule.


D and D

Hey Steph! Congrats on having your first week completed! What an amazing feeling that must be! It is our Open House tonight and then they start on Wednesday! Let the craziness begin!! Miss you friend...

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