Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Camera

Yes, I got my "big" present early this year! My hubbie suggested that I open my new digital SLR camera early, so I can practice a bit before it's actually Christmas. My mom thinks that it was my idea, but I guarantee that it was actually my husband's!

I am brand new to the world of digital SLR's, so I have a lot to learn. The great thing is that it's so fun for me! I have a feel that my camera and I are going to go everywhere together over the next couple of weeks during Christmas break. Today I have found about a million little things around the house to take pictures of. The pics you see are a few of the better ones. I did take a bunch of "throw aways", but hey that's learning, right? :)

More to come very soon!



WOW! I can really tell the difference between your old photos and the new ones. The newer pics or sooo much sharper.

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