Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sleepy Summertime

Now that it's "officially" summertime for both Dave and I, we are spending a good amount of time RELAXING!  We have one week before our master's stuff picks up, so we are enjoying our week being lazy bones!  Because we are so relaxed, so are our boys!  They are loving all the time they get to spend inside lounging around.  Usually, when we are at work, they spend their days outside.  Now our school year is done (yay!), so they get to hang out with mom and dad all day long.  Which, by the way, they LOVE!!

This is sweet little Ferdy.  He's laying in his favorite spot at the end of our bed.  He looks so content!

This one was taken just this morning.  The boys are best friends (if you can tell), and sometimes I get lucky and catch them cuddled up together.  So cute!


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