Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Girlie Camera Bag

I must share my newest photography related purchase...

Meet "Rose"

The color is a bit "wonky" the first due to the glare from the pretty blue dust bag

This is the "Rose" bag from Jo Totes.  I saw these bags, and knew they were made just for me (well maybe not JUST me, but for girls like me).  I ordered mine in "marigold".  I love its vintage color and style.  Pictures really do not do this bag justice.  It's very well made and BIG!  I can easily fit all my photo gear plus my wallet and other girl junk.  It even comes with an optional across the shoulder strap, so when you're shooting you don't have to worry about it sliding off.  I also love that it doesn't look like a camera bag at all.  You could totally use it as a purse and keep your beloved SLR handy dandy!  How cool is that?  My poor hubbie knew the second I saw these, I had to make one mine.  I am a bag/purse addict and a photography lover, so these bags combine my two favorite things!  Can you say perfect?

Now I need time to go out and use it...
(2 weeks until my thesis is DONE)!


Tammy Lee Bradley

That really is a nice style. Maybe my next one? Hmmmm.....


What a great find - I've been looking for a new camera bag. I have to check these out.


pretty! i don't have a good camera bag...hmmm...

Jessica Green

Holy Cow! I absolutely love that bag! I love the color, the style, and everything about it!


I want one now :) Jake says "Thanks!!" LOL


you got it! Oh i am so happy for you! it is sooooo beautiful! so cute, so awesome! so happy for you :) haha i love that i am actually really excited for you right now, its just i know you were excited to get it and i know how fun it is to get something you love! i really love it too, thanks for sharing about it! i am gonna put this one at the top of my wishlist for sure :) hope you enjoy using it

Nancy Coelho

How exciting!!! So pretty too! I can relate to the excitement too! I am waiting for my oh so yummy Camera Bag/Purse to arrive. Talk about failing at teaching the kids about patience:P

Enjoy your new sassy bag!

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