Saturday, June 19, 2010

Just Hanging Out

Today is the first in a long while that we've had some time to just hang out.  Yesterday, Dave and I finished our last official master's class.  Yes, we still have major work to complete on our thesis, but it's a GREAT feeling knowing that our classes are done!  Yay!!

This morning we did our favorite Saturday ritual.  We went to eat at Hardee's (I have always been in love with their bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits), walked around Border's Bookstore (I found an awesome Photoshop book), and went to Target (Got a bunch of random things).  Now this may not sound so grand, but this is the first day that we've had time to spend NOT on the computer taking quizzes and responding to discussion boards.  It's such a liberating feeling...

I can't forget to mention, we got the grass mowed.  That's always quite a feat in the 95 degree/100% humidity weather!  Now that I'm worn out from shopping and mowing, I'm gonna relax with my new Photoshop book and read for awhile!

I'm sure I'll be back soon with newly edited pictures... I got myself some new actions, and I can't wait to play around.  It's so much fun!!!!!!

Hope everyone's Saturday has been a good one!  


Tammy Lee Bradley

Congrats on finishing your classes. I remember what a great relief that was. Enjoy your actions and I look forward to seeing lots of wonderful photos. Still having boot-camp withdrawals. ♥tlb


What a perfect day - and a huge Congratulations on finishing your course work - what an amazing accomplishment.


Congratulations on your schooling and on getting to have a perfectly regular day :)


Congrats on getting your schooling done. I hear you with the heat I worked outside last weekend in it too. Your Saturday sounds like a perfect day!

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