Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

As most people did, Dave and I also went to the traditional family BBQ yesterday out at my parent's house.  For those that don't really know, my parent's live on a wide-open farm.  I didn't always enjoy  it as a child, but in my adult years, I'm realizing how peaceful and beautiful it really is out there!  Anytime we go out to visit, we always try to take our boys.  It makes sense... wide open fields and lots of stuff to get into.  It is basically heaven for them!  

While out visiting, a few more family members to decided to head out.  That means the little cousins too!  Jack and Emma are always so much fun, and we had a lot of photo/video opportunities.  Jack also decided he wanted to share his rendition of American Idol's "Pants on the Ground".  Coming from an "almost" three year old, it was HILARIOUS!  And little miss Emma was also showing off for the camera!  I love being the oldest grandchild.  I get to have fun with all the little ones!


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