Thursday, June 3, 2010

Morning Photo Edit/Master's Work

Well, I woke up EARLY today with master's project work on my brain.  I've been trying really hard this week to put all master's thoughts out of my brain, but tomorrow we have a deadline for some editing, so the brain has been turned back on.  I am going to spend my entire afternoon dedicated to writing/editing another chapter of my action research project, so I thought I would spend some time playing around with some photos.  You know how I enjoy photo editing...

This is a picture of Ralphie that was taken out at my parent's home over Memorial Day weekend.  I did some editing to it.  I layered several effects on top of one another.  The first action I used was coffeeshop's selective coloring.  You can't really see it because on top of it I added Isabelle Lafrance's little ballerina effects.  When I think about it... it's pretty funny because Ralph is the opposite of a "little ballerina" as you can tell in this pic.  He loves to stick his front paws and snout down into the bowl to cool himself off!  He only does it at grandma and grandpa's though (and that's a good thing).

Time to start getting serious with my master's work.



Hi Stephanie, just saying thanks for stopping by my blog! Love your puppy pics - aren't dogs the BEST? :)


Yes!! I love my boys! They are the best!


Aww, what a cutie Ralphie is! Really like that photo, too. :)


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Great dog photos on your blog. I am a dog lover too!

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