Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bike Riding

I have been away from the computer for a few days (besides working on my thesis, of course) because Dave and I were inspired to get new bikes and get out and enjoy our summer!!  We knew this summer would be dedicated to finishing our master's and we are now realizing that our summertime together is ticking away!  We had the idea of getting bikes, so we went for it.  What a great choice we have made.  The weather in Illinois is usually SOOOOO HUMID all summer long, but we've had a great week of high 80's/low 90's and barely any humidity.  Which is of course perfect biking weather.  Last night we rode from our house across town to my school where I teach.  I was shocked to find out it only took a little over five minutes!  That means on nice days I can ride my bike to work.  How fun!!  Dave and I are making our bike riding time "us" time.  Being that we are both dedicated teachers, we've struggled for the past two years taking time for just us.  Now we have a new hobby that we can do together.  Who doesn't want to go on a bike ride with their sweetie?    

Now about my bike...
As you can see, it's my favorite color, pink!  It's so pretty and sparkly.  I feel like a little girl again, talking about my pink bike (I bet some of my students' bikes are the same color)!  Anyways... Dave and I decided to go with Giant brand bikes.  They are very well built and are going to last us for a long time.  The bike shop even takes care of them for the life of the bike... for free!    

This type of bike is called a "Suede" cruiser.  It's made to relax and "cruise" around town, and to do this in the most comfortable way possible, the pedals are actually pushed forward a bit.  This means I can sit in a relaxed position when I ride.  I can feel my stress melting away already...

It's got an awesome girlie and vintage look.  It matches my style perfectly!

The bikes even love each other... just like their riders!

The seat is even cute!  Oh, I forgot to mention... it has a dingy bell on the left handle too.  Awesome, I know!  I forgot how much fun bike riding is!

Well, it's off to make dinner and then time for an evening ride.  I'm going to find a way to take my camera on our rides, so I can enjoy my new bike and fit in some photo opportunities too!

Have a lovely evening!


Tammy Lee Bradley

Awesome. I love my Townie with basket & bell. ♥tlb


Now you need your big white basket with pink flowers on the front to carry your books to school!


I am already looking for a cute basket. Kelly, I rode by your house last night... we'll have to stop by! :)


Steph is the best!

I am so proud of you!

Love you so much!!!


NICE! I had an awesome beach cruiser (complete with a removable basket and handlebar streamers!) that I loved to ride but it was unfortunately stolen from my porch a couple years ago... haven't gotten around to replacing it but I hope to soon!


I'm kind of in love with your bike. I wonder how it works when you live in the mountains.


oh my word...your bike is so cute! I LOVE these photos too!!!! so beautiful. Isn't riding bikes the best!? hope you guys are enjoying them and your summer!

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