Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cherry on Top Award

The kind Jaime from Lyrical Journey blog and Kristin from The Freebird Photoblog passed on a super sweet blog award to me!!  It's kind of a funny story because Jaime passed it on to be over two weeks ago, but somehow I missed it!  Then, Kristin gave a shout-out to my blog just a few days ago with the same award, and that's when I realized that I had been picked by not one but two people.

Thanks to my "sweet" blog friends!

Ok Here We Go:
The rules of this decadent award are to...
  1. Thank the person who gave the award to you (Thanks to Jaime and Kristin!!!!)
  2. Copy the award and put it on your blog (Love the bright pink & cupcakes!)
  3. List three things about you
    1. I am in love with all things photography & photoshop! (seriously...)
    2. I'm preparing for my fourth year teaching 5th grade in my little ol' hometown of 2,500 people
    3. I want to begin taking photos in my free time & make it more than just a hobby!
  4. Post a photo that you love... (here it comes!)
This is a photo of my sweet little cousin E out at my parents' farm!  She is such a cutie and growing so fast!  I just love taking her pictures!

Thanks again Kristin and Jaime for the award!  Now it's time for me to pass it on to 5 of my fav bloggers out there!

(I also need to say that so many of my good blogging friends have already has this award passed on to them, but I just want to say I really do love all of you guy's blogs so very much!)

1.  The Blogging Bradleys  Ok, words cannot explain how talented this amazing woman is!  Tammy always says that she's just a mom with the camera, but I know A LOT of people who would beg to differ!!  I just love every photo she takes!  

2.  Ramblings and Photos  I just found Ashley's blog not too long ago, but from day one I was a fan!  I love her style and personality!  So much fun... :)

3.  Trains, Tutus, and Teatime  This blogger is such an inspiration!  Corinne is not only a loving mother, but also a gifted photographer!  I enjoy every thoughtful post she puts out there for the world to share!

4.  Green Watermelon  I found Teresa's blog awhile ago when I was first venturing into the photoblog world.  Seriously the second I looked at her photos of her sweet little children, I fell in love her with style!  Her photos continue to inspire my own photography and editing!

5.  Farmgirl in Flipflops  What a fun blog!  Hannah not only is an extremely talented photographer, but she's also still a teenager!  Seriously, this young lady has a gift in photography.  As a fellow farmgirl, I love, love, love the country(ness) that pours out from her photos!

Thanks again for this awesome blog award!
Lots of <3 to you all!


Tammy Lee Bradley

oh, steph. I started to cry. Thank you!

Ashley Sisk

Awwww...thanks so much Stephanie! I'm off to check out some of these other bloggers.


Steph!! Thank you :) You are so sweet!


So deserved! You picked some of my favorite blogs to pass it onto as well!


Hey, thanks SO much!!! I love that pic, too. =)

And I *really* appreciate what you have to say about my blog! Would you mind if I put it under a review/testimonial section on my blog (after I get it one day)?


awww..what a nice surprise!! Thank you, for both the award and your sweet words! I'm off to check out some other blogs too. yay!
BTW..I love the swing photo too, adorable capture!

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