Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Final Days of Summer

Summer is slowly ticking away, but I'm making sure to enjoy everyday!

Things I love to do in the summer...

Eat lots of ice cream

Watch USA softball

Lay in bed after I wake up

Read books for FUN

Not make my bed

Take my boys for walks

Go for night time bike rides with my hubbie

Go out to eat

Shop, shop, shop

Just enjoy not having 1000 things to do



Steph, my hubby and I swam in a pool for the first time in YEARS this weekend and it was so nice... it made it really feel like summer :)


LOVE EATING ICE CREAM! it truly might be my most favorite part of summer. Your list looks similar to what mine might look like. Glad you are enjoying your summer!

Jessica Green

I love USA softball as well! I go in the other room at my house and watch it by my house or with myd ad because it is one of those things that I just get so in to!

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