Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Little Z's Photos!

Warning... Tons of pictures to share today!

Well, It's that time to share pictures from Z's shoot on Saturday.  These pictures are near and dear to my heart not only because they are of my best friend's darling daughter, but also because it was my first official client.  I have always loved photography and this is me taking a step up from just snapping for fun (although it's ALWAYS fun).  Even though I have found things I would like to change for the future, I feel that the shoot was a success (especially it being my first official shoot).  Hopefully you can see the potential ... We all have to start somewhere, right?

Please feel free to leave lots of happy, encouraging comments.

Here we go...

Little Z {the princess}

There ya go!  I hope you enjoy the preciousness (word?) of these pictures as much as I do.  I had so much fun throughout the entire process, and I believe I am now hooked forever!

Who's next?



What a stunning collection! I see many more clients in your future.


you did such a great job for a first "official" client. i love so many of them, but especially the b&w one where your little model is crouching down. so cute!


Steph - Just beautiful! You did a wonderful job and how fun to have such a beautiful first "star"! We love you and are very proud of you!


Is she two?? My daughter (who will be two in a few weeks... yikes!) has some of the same mannerisms that you see in the photos :)
Great job! If you're ever in my neck of the woods I want you to come take pictures of my kids!


You are amazing!

But you already know that.



okay...i think these are amazing! honestly, i would never have guessed this was your first shoot! they are all so beautiful. I am sure your friend was very pleased. I have no doubt that you will find more work :) please tell me you are gonna start a little buisness on the side of teaching!? you really must. that is my plan one day as well, to return to teaching cause its awesome, but also do a little photography on the side, cause its equally amazing (if not better) :) Again, all of these shots are fabulous, great work and can't wait to see all your future shoots!


Wow..these are really quite fantastic! I love the one of her being thrown in the air, but I loved looking at each and every one. Great processing and so much variety! I would never think this was your first shoot...yay!


Ahh.....I'm so proud of you Steph.

I love you!

Mom xoxoxoxo


they are beautiful! I love the B/W !

Jessica Green

I TOLD YOU I WAS NEXT AND I MEANT IT! After we move and get settled we will need a wonderful family photo for our new living room. Those pictures were aboslutely beautiful. You have defintiely found your talent.

Jessica Green

Found your second talent...because you really do have another admirable talent of teaching fifth grade!:) I can NOT wait to see the rest of your photos.


Love love love the skirt - I want one! Great shoot!


Jess, you crack me up! You are too sweet dear! :) Can't wait to photograph your beautiful family... It'll be so much fun!

Annie Manning

So incredibly sweet!! Love all the emotion and expressions - wonderful work!

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