Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Funny {GMYBS}

As I was processing baby T's photos from the other day, I came across this one...

I busted up in laughter as soon as it came across my screen!  Jenni and Justin have two dogs, Cozy and Kayli.  Cozy has been around for a long time and is nice and relaxed.  In her old age, she has decided that she can be a bit grumpy with the little one, Kayli.  Kayli is just a pup and has a ton of energy, so she finds ways to entertain herself when others are busy.  This is what you are seeing going on here!  We were sitting on the floor trying to get T to cooperate, when I see out of the corner of my eye a toy fly across the room.  Kayli not only plays with her toys by herself, she can actually throw it across the room and then go fetch it!  Once I stopped laughing, Jenni said that it's just a regular day for her, T, Cozy, and Kayli.  I was so glad that I snapped this picture.  It's not focused and there is lots of motion blur, but I like it that way!!!