Friday, August 27, 2010

Little Z Mini-Photoshoot Share

Lately, I have been having major photography withdrawals!  I haven't had much time to edit old photos, much less take new ones, so I've been a bit bummed.  But... tonight I took some time between after school and the evening's activity of attending the high school football game to work on photos!

These are from a mini-session that my bff Steph and I had with her darling little girl Z.  I just love this little girl so very much.  Photographing her is just too much fun!!  Going through these makes me miss my dear friend and her AWESOME little girl just that much more...

I just can't help but love that little face!

Little Z is now a big girl because she just turned 2!!

Those little cheekies are the best!

Seriously, cuteness like this should not be allowed!

The lighting was just gorgeous!

Z happily wandered around giving her momma and I some great shots!

This is a trademarked Z face!!

She really enjoyed this tree!  The bark would peel right off, so she brought me lots of "presents"!

And another Z face...  She is full of them!

EVERYTHING about this little girl is adorable!

Her funny actions

Her little redheaded baby curls

Her tiny little pink sandals

Her sweet little sundress

It's all just too cute!

Her momma getting in on the photography action!

My bff Steph is such a wonderful mother to this little angel!

As the sun went down, we had to say bye-bye and go home...  We were all sad to leave, but don't worry, we'll be back soon!

Steph and little Z... You are my girls!
Miss you and see you soon!




Aaawww!! We miss you too!!! :) We both got some great shots that night....we will have to do it again soon!!! I have some really cute fall clothes and I can't wait to get pictures in them :) She has this adorable black pea-coat with white polka dots and a red silk die for!!! Anyways....let me know when we can see you guys again!! Luv ya


These are adorable, love them


you got some great shots of her, and she is such a pretty little girl
well done

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