Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Monday

Mondays are always hard days for us at school...
Our schedule is a bit whacky compared to the rest of the week, the kids are sad because the weekend is over, and we're all a bit sleepy.

But... today we had a great day!  I like to take moments to step back a bit and realize how lucky I am to work with such wonderful children each and every day.  Even on our not so great days, I am so honored to be a teacher!

So to celebrate this happiness I'm feeling on this Monday, I wanted to share a picture that makes me happy!


I know it's not much, but I love that about it.  It's kind of like teaching.  The simplest things really do make me the happiest!

Hope you all had happy Mondays too!



That's beautiful - I love the fogginess.
Glad you had a good Monday!

Tammy Lee Bradley

Wonderful picture!! I love morning dew.


It's so nice to hear something good about Monday - they are not my favorite. But I enjoy when they are over and I'm that much closer to another weekend.


i really like this shot! I love how you captured the little droplets on each little grain of grass! glad you had a good Monday and that you are enjoying your job so much!


Wow..what beautiful light and detailed droplets, it makes me happy too! I'm so glad you are enjoying the school year, even mondays!

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