Thursday, September 2, 2010

Our 3rd Doggie

After showering last night, I came out of the bathroom to find our "third" dog waiting patiently by the door along with Ralphie, the oldest and wisest of the three, watching over it all!

Now you must know the story of "dog" the puppy stuffed animal.  This is Ferd Man's favorite toy, being that it is THE ONLY toy he hasn't ripped to shreds.  Why you may say... well we don't really know.  All we know is that he LOVES it and carries it around with him everywhere!  Because of this, we find "dog" in the strangest places...

It was quite dark, so the colors are not great, but it just made me laugh!  I had to capture it because our pups (all of them) make me so happy!




That may just be the sweetest thing ever.


that is so cute. what happened to 3rd dog's ears?


I think the better question is "do you keep your camera with you in the shower??" LOL :)

Tammy Lee Bradley

@steph #2 - you don't shower with your camera? hmmm... how strange. *hee hee*


:) Out of the shower... run to get the camera that is handy and ready to go in the next room!


HA! Too cute :)

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