Monday, October 11, 2010

Guess What We Did?

Orchard Time

You got it!

Orchard Time

We went to a local apple orchard/pumpkin patch on Sunday, and boy was it nice to get some fresh air!  It was kind of strange though because is was almost 90 degrees in mid-October, but oh well.  I'm not gonna complain because it was happy and sun-shiny.

Orchard Time

We didn't have advanced plans, but it was really nice because we got to hang out with the fam.  It seems that Dave and I have been busier than ever, so it was the perfect day to slow down a bit and enjoy the great outdoors.

Orchard Time

It was also Dave's Aunt Tracy's birthday, so it was extra fun to help her celebrate how many years young she is!!!

Orchard Time

Thanks orchard for giving us a beautiful Sunday afternoon!  It was so beautiful that I'll be back soon to share more pictures!




great pictures ;) We need to get together soon!!!


What an awesome way to spend a Sunday! Gorgeous photos.

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