Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Little Celebration

On Thanksgiving, Dave's mom was very kind and ordered us a yummy cake to help celebrate both Dave and I finishing our master's degrees.  It was a LONNNGGG two years that we worked on our advanced degrees, and it was nice to have a moment to reflect back on our journey.

Celebrating Our Master's Degrees

After Thanksgiving, my favorite thing has gotta be CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!  I love driving around with the hubs and pups to check out the scenery!  Last night, we drove by my favorite Christmas house!

My Fav Christmas House

This house is AMAZING... a picture really does not do it justice.  Anyone and everyone in the area knows how amazing it really is!

When we were almost home last night, I was able to snag a quick shot of our town square.  I LOVE our little town at Christmas time.  The lights are so warm and cozy...

The Pretty Town Square

Although this picture is not the best because I had to crop out the windshield wipers (haha), I love seeing our little town all Christmased up!  This time of year just makes me happy!



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