Monday, January 17, 2011

Homemade Goodness

I'm so proud of myself...  Last night I (and my hubbie of course) made homemade potato soup for the first time!  That may not be a big deal for most, but the hubby and I are making an effort to cook more and eat less junk.  We both lead extremely busy day to day lives with us both teaching/coaching.  It's been a hard three years, but now we are forcing ourselves to take more time!

Last night was the first time we tried a family soup recipe.  It was actually quite simple, and it was realllllyyyyy yummy!

Homemade Goodness
I'm getting hungry just looking at it!

The soup was pretty easy to make with a list of simple, easy to find ingredients (I'm not a "fancy" girl)

Shredded Carrots
Finely Chopped White Onion
Finely Chopped Green Onion
Reduced Fat Cream Cheese
Chicken Broth
Shredded Hash Brown Potatoes
Cheddar Cheese
Chopped Turkey Bacon

I'm pretty proud of the hubs and I making a effort to do more for ourselves, and not only did I make the food, it is really good!

Yum, yum... time for lunch!

(I'm linking up this post to Simplicity's "Food" Photo Challenge)


The Clip Cafe

Oh so good!!! Thanks for the ingredients. I love Potato soup - though a bit hot here for soup right now :-) Stop by if you can.
I love your work!

Ashley Sisk

That does look really really yummy.

love and life ♥

Looks delicious! I want to try making it sometime soon! Beautiful photo of it as well. Thanks for sharing! xo


oh my! this really does looks yummy!! Wow I think I'm going to try this recipe! Thanks for sharing! :)
I have to say I LOVE the texture, is perfect!!

thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment!

I love your blog too, it's very cute and girly! now you have a new follower! hope you can follow me on my journey as well, lol. I loved your story on your about me section. Very Cute! ;)
To answer your question I use Luxe and Spring Set I & II.




What an incredible capture. I love the processing you did!


I like your blog and photos! With pleasure I'll be your follower and reader.
I send you big kisses and greetings, Zondra Art


Mmmmm. Good for you!! I love making soup from scratch - once you learn the method and discover how tasty home made soup is you'll never go back to eating soup from a can! Thanks so much for linking up - love this shot :)


Great picture and edit! Thanks for sharing the recipe, it sounds and looks yummy!

Leigh Ann Hines | Music Photography

Yum. I love Potato soup. It's total comfort food.


Beautiful photo! I love potato soup too. Cooking light has a great "light" version on their website; its the 2nd one when you pull it up.

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