Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Breakfast Buddies

Today I woke up to happiness in the form of fallen snow...

Because I have the day to myself, and because I'm all caught up on grading/planning, I started the day with a photo challenge.  It's so fun to have time to be creative!

Annie over at Paint the Moon Photography posted a challenge yesterday.  Her challenge was to photograph the same subject using different angles and perspectives.  Personally, I feel like perspective is one the most important components in my photos.  I love to look at things from different views because it can evoke different emotions, even if you're photographing the same subject.

Also, I realized that today was Sweet Shot Tuesday over at My Three Boybarians!  Normally, I don't get to participate like I do in the summers because I'm all wrapped up in the school week.  But today, I'm home thanks to our lovely snow!

For the photos today... I was sitting at my computer sipping my yummy cup of vanilla coffee, and I realized that I spend most of my mornings with my breakfast buddies.  So, it only made sense that they would be my subjects and inspiration for today!

Breakfast Buddies 1
For Christmas, my wonderful hubbie got my an authentic "slinky dog" from Toy Story.  I seriously have loved this character since I was a little girl, so I was in love with Mr. Slinks the moment I opened him!

Breakfast Buddies 2
I think this is a cool perspective.  I'm totally in to out of focus/selective focus shots now-a-days

Breakfast Buddies 4
Another one of my fab Christmas presents was a "Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock" coffee mug.  For all of you "Big Bang Theory" tv show lovers, you know exactly how hilarious this mug really is.  For those who do not watch the show... trust me, it's HILARIOUS!

Breakfast Buddies 3
Look at that sweet plastic pup face!

And now for the little storyboard for the PTM challenge...
PTM Challenge {My Breakfast Buddies}

Ok, that was too much fun!



Ashley Sisk

That was fun - I should try that!


Slink is a fave around here too. I have taken photos of him at the park :)


I love Slink -- what a great way to capture him :)


Love Toy Story and LOVE Slink! What a super fun set of photos. :)

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