Monday, January 24, 2011

Shoot and Edit Wk 3-Good Night

Shoot & Edit Wk 3's Theme is...
Good Night

Ahhhh... night time.  It's one of my favorite times because it's just Dave, the pups, and myself.  With us both being teachers, we find so much tranquility in our evenings at home together.

One of my favorite times of the evening is when I grab my trusty ol' LL Bean slippers, comfy pj's, and my book of the week.  It never fails to wind me down and get me ready for a night of peaceful sleep.

Shoot & Edit Wk 3-Good Night {SOOC}

It was almost painful for me to post this straight out of camera because the white balance is just horrendous!  I bumped up my camera's ISO to 800, threw on my nifty 50 (50mm f/1.8), and shot this really quick.  I barely had any natural light coming in the window, so I had to rely on my not so great bedroom lamp and vanity lights.  I should have done a custom WB, but oh well.  On the bright side, I already know my first "fix" of the photo though! :)



I lake it Steph, nice shot!

Our Beaten Path

Love the picture SOOC and all! Also I'm envious of your very relaxing night. My nights normally consist of two crazy boys running around. ;)

Jill - FNA Photography

Steph - I love your SOOC!!!! Really I do :-)



I like the SOOC. The coloring give it a warm, cozy feeling.

Ashley Sisk

I like it SOOC and I think white balance is fairly easy to fix.


Oh it seems to comfy cozy! I wish I could read a book in one week, I am such a sloooooow (not dumb!) reader! Plus, with my crazy kids, it's hard to get past a couple of pages before I completely pass out. Thank you for sharing!


I think it looks great SOOC. The warmth lends itself to a good night feeling.

Life with Kaishon

That is a perfect goodnight picture. Those slippers look heavenly! LOVE it!

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