Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Best Shot

It's time that I pick my photo for the "Your Best Shot" challenge over at The Paper Mama blog!

The Paper Mama

This was sooo tough for me!  I love so many photos of my sweet springers.  It was seriously almost impossible to choose.  I can tell you already that I'll probably change my mind later, but this is the shot I keep coming back to as a favorite over and over.  


I chose this shot of my Ferd Man because it is just so him.  He's in his favorite spot at the end of the bed just chillin out.  If I'm looking for Ferdy, 99% of the time I'll find him right here!  I love his expression too!  He's the most laid back dog I've ever had, and it shows here.

Because I can't leave out my other favorites, I'll share my runners up too!

I love Ralphie's expression & the dreaminess of the snowfall.

This is my hubbie's fav.  I love it so much too (it's framed in my living room)!!!

I love Ralphie's careless expression here!  He's like, "I'm a mess, and I know it!"

This isn't the best quality shot, but I love Ferdy's puppy dog eyes.  It was taken on Christmas Eve, and it's almost like he's telling Santa, "I promise, I've been a good boy."

It's awfully hard to choose one photo, but I think I've chosen my favorite.  Like I said, this one was a toughie... big time!  Oh well, I had fun digging through old photos at least! :)



Ashley Sisk

You're really tugging on my heart strings aren't you. You know I love springers and if I could, I'd have one now but my hubs is a fan of the "outdoor dog." No way could I just let my dog live outside 24/7. Your babies are beautiful though. Love them.


@ Ashley, if you got a springer, there's no way he/she would be an outside dog. :) Our boys are bed snugglers for sure! :)


So so so very cute.


Ooooh I love this!


oh man, its too hard to choose! i love them all.


You have the most adorable dog!


OOH! I just love me some cute dog photos! Look at those eyes on the last one! You're dogs are super cute. (Found your blog through The Paper Mama.)

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