Sunday, June 19, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

It's time again for Scavenger Hunt Sunday!!

This week's items:
From a Flower's Point of View
Natural Frame

Ok, before I share, I have to say that I loved this week's items!  I just connected with several of the themes, and am really excited to share... so here I go!

1.  Emotion
Seriously, how do you not look at a new daddy and his little girl without becoming an emotional mess!  This family is especially special to me, as the momma and daddy are two of my bff's from college.  They truly are wonderful people, and I feel blessed to be a part of their lives!!

2.  From a Flower's Point of View
From a Flower's Point of View
This week I had three photo sessions, which kept me quite busy!  The good thing is that I got to spend A LOT of time in the great outdoors enjoying our usually cool weather.  Dave and I went to a park that we LOVE and got some really great shots about an hour before sunset.  I want to be there right now! :)

3.  Natural Frame
Natural Frame
Say hello to Mr. Ralphie!  I love to take a "regular" snapshot to something special by using what's around me to frame that shot.  In this shot I squatted wayyy down and used the side of our deck to frame the shot.  I think it adds a ton of drama and makes the photo.

4.  Letters
I shared this photo from a recent family shoot, but added a little something special in Photoshop.  I really like text on photos, as long as it's not overdone.  I like this because it's simple, yet conveys the message of what family is all about.

5.  Bliss
Ok, I have to say that I love this little girl.  I met her momma through my mother in law, and I have done her photos several times now.  She is just the sweetest, happiest little girl.  Her and I had so much fun walking around the park... I forgot that I was "doing a job".

Ok, I'm off for a fun filled family day!  Happy Father's Day to all the daddy's out there (both human and animal of course)!  I know I'm so thankful for mine... he's just about the hardest working that I know!

Have a great day celebrating!

Happy Sunday All!



deb duty

The light is so pretty in your flower perspective shot and I love the bliss photo. She looks very happy!


I love how you edited the family shot, and the little girl in your bliss photo looks so happy!

And I love the picture of the dad and his daughter, how perfect for today!


Gorgeous shots, I love your letters! and emotion is just fabulous.

Amanda Bennett

Love your letters & the flower's point of view!

Allison Hoffman

each and every one is perfect - impossible to choose a favorite!


Thanks girlies! You all are sooo sweet!!! :)

Stefanie Brown

Amazing shots! You've interpreted each prompt wonderfully! Nice job...


Wonderful shots. I love that last one. It's fabulous. :)

Marla @


Your pictures look awesome! The last one is pure magically! Great capture! :)

Ashley Sisk

YOu weren't kidding - you totally connected with the prompts this week. I love every single one. Great job girl!


great shots! wow, love them all. especially in love with that last shot


Wow! Great shots! The emotion and bliss...gorgeous!


totally love how you captured the joy in the girl playing violin. amazing!


Nicely done, I love the Bliss shot. She just radiates joy!


LOVE LOVE LOVE all your entries. I do favorite them all

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