Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stopping In

I just wanted to quickly stop in for a mid-week check up!  It's been another hectic, busy week, but we're all still here & chugging along just fine!

I want to share a quick shot of my sweet Ferd Man because he's had a tough week too!


On Monday he had a minor surgery done on his mouth, so he's been a bit under the weather.  Back in December I noticed a small bump near his right lower jaw.  Being the over protective puppy momma that I am, I took him to the vet right away.  They assured me that it was no big deal at all, probably just a swollen lymph node.  He took his meds and the bump went away... or so I thought.

About a month ago, Ferdy and I were snuggling and I noticed that the bump was BACK and in the exact same location.  I wasn't really worried because  Ferdy wasn't acting weird or not wanting to eat, so I just told myself I'd watch it for a couple weeks to make sure it didn't get any larger.  Well, it didn't get any bigger, but it didn't get any smaller either.  Luckily it was time for the boys' yearly shots, so we had to go the vet anyways.

We headed back to the puppy doctor, and this time they took a closer look.  The vet was almost positive that it was some type of foreign body in his lower cheek.  What does this mean?  Well, most likely, he was chewing on a stick, and it when went in his mouth, it punctured the inside and bits were stuck inside.  His body healed over the leftover bits, and the bump resulted from his immune system trying to attack this weird substance inside his body.  It sounds bad, but again, the vet reassured me that it was more common than most people think.

We had two options.  Let it go and hope that it doesn't affect him, or have them cut open his cheek, clean it out, and let his body go back to normal.  Of course I didn't want my little guy to have surgery, but I also know myself and that I would worry until it was gone.  So, the choice was simple.  Let's get his cheeky cleaned out so there will be no problems down the road.

Monday morning he went in at 9:00 and was home by 3:30.  The secretary at the vet told my husband (he picked him up because I am too emotional... I know, pathetic, right?!?) that he was the best patient they had in a long time.  Ferd man was a little sleepy, but ate a big bowl of food as soon as he got home. We were worried he'd have pain, but he's shown no signs that he feels bad at all!  In fact, yesterday we went to a local park, took a good walk, and went for a car ride.  He's back to being the happy pup that he has always been!

Along with Monday's surgery, Dave and I have been busy with family get-togethers and photo shoots.  In fact, that's where I'm off to next.  


I'm doing a shoot with this little girl for her 6th birthday!  I'm super excited because we're shooting in the late evening, which is my favorite time of the day!!  I did her photos almost one year ago exactly, and she was soooo much fun!  I know we'll have a great time tonight!

Hope you all are having a great week so far!



Ashley Sisk

So glad everything went okay - I would have been a mess too. I love that last shot.


So glad your guy is okay. :) Have fun with the photo shoot! Enjoy the "magic hour". :)

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