Monday, June 27, 2011

Who Says Mondays Aren't Any Fun

Mondays are usually the day of the week in which everyone dreads.  It's back to work, which to be fair usually is no fun.

Well my Monday was not a typical one.  In fact my Monday was downright fun!  The rain tried to hold me back, but it was unsuccessful.  You got it, I got to go on another photo shoot today!


I got to spend my afternoon with a REALLLYYY sweet family!  Jaime (the momma) and I used to work together.  So, this is the second time that I have photographed her, her hubby, and of course their little guy, Mr. Parker.  The last time I saw this little man was October of 2010, so he's done some major growing up in the months that have passed.


My favorite is his big boy hair!  He's already got a couple trim ups & wears gel in it to make it spikey and super adorable!


Yep, I pretty much love this little guy!  It's especially great to go through his film because he's just so darned cute!


Ok, back to work at going through Parker boy's pictures.  The toughest part is narrowing down to the keepers.  I really do love them all!

Hope your day was a great as mine!


The Pettijohns

I love looking at your photos!! You do such a good job.

Ashley Sisk

I love those spikes in his hair. Great shots.

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