Saturday, June 9, 2012

Baby Stuff

Well, once again... It's been awhile since I've stopped in to visit.  Life sure does fly by, that's for sure!

The hubby and I have been busy preparing for baby Nora lately!  We've been working on getting her "shabby chic" room ready and registering for all of the necessities.  It's hard to believe that when summer ends, she'll be here!!

Part of our baby prep has been getting ready for Ms. Nora's shower.  We're planning on going with the same theme as her nursery, shabby chic.  It's an excuse to buy lots of girlie girl decorations!

My sweet friend, Steph, even designed me a custom invitation based on the colors of her nursery!

I think it turned out perfectly!

Other than baby stuff, I've been doing several photo sessions to "keep me busy" since school's been out.  I'll hopefully be back here soon to share from those!

Well I must get going and do my mandatory housework that I've been putting off for several days now. At least I have an excuse... right?!?

Happy Weekend All!



The Pettijohn's

Such a cute invitation. Hope you get lots of stuff.

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