Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Our "Fancy" Valentine's Day Photo Session

I'd like to think that over the years I've become somewhat of a talented photographer.  I don't deliver pictures to clients unless I LOVE them.  With that being said, it's SOOO different when it's your own kiddo that you're photographing!

I had the wonderful idea that I would take a "real" photo session with Nora for Valentine's Day this year.  

I had big plans....
3 Outfits
Locations Scouted Out Around the House

Well, Ms. Nora had other plans.  Isn't that how it always goes though.  Even though it wasn't what I envisioned, I love our results. 

100% Real
100% Nora
100% Not "Fancy"

I had a hard time getting her favorite, "cuppie" away from her!

I don't think so, Mommy

I'm busy and can't be bothered

Come catch me...

Is this good?  I'm looking at the camera!

How about this face?  Good stuff?

So... We took a snack break!

There's my big girl's smile!  Isn't it just precious?!

The food did the trick... Bring on the smiles, Ms. Nora

And my FAVORITES of the day...

And this is what I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE lifestyle photography.  These photos are my Nora.  Silly, adorable, and so very precious

By the way, I haven't give up on the other outfits and props.  That's just for another day!

So long for now from the Lerch household.  It's time for snow evening snuggles!

Peace, Love, and Pleasant Surprises



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