Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Break Time

Because Dave and I are both teachers we are blessed to have a nice relaxing winter break before we start the new year. Over the past couple days we have been enjoying our time off! One of our favorite things to do is go to Target and just take our time walking around. It sounds kinda boring when I actually write it out, but for some reason that is one thing that we both really enjoy. We've gone recently and spent a lot of time browsing through the Nintendo Wii games. We have had a Wii for awhile, but we've been using it A LOT here lately as our stress relief from our crazy school days. I would have to say my favorite game right now is the new Wii Sports Resort. Being a dog lover I can't help but love the frisbee game where you have to throw at targets so your dog can catch it! Once again, it doesn't sound that great when I'm saying it, but I really like it. :)

Also in our time off we are getting to spend quality time with family and friends without the regular stresses of finishing lessons plans, posting grades, and creating teaching materials. Yesterday I went to visit with a LONG TIME friend at her parent's home. It was so wonderful to have time to just sit, talk, and catch up. I even got to spend time with her dog, Porter (Pic 2), and her nephew (what a cutie, Pic 1), Logan. Even though we didn't do much, I always cherish our time together!!

I have to say that I'm loving our break this year... :o)


D and D

Love these pics & LOVE our time together too! I wish it was more often!

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