Monday, January 18, 2010

New Computer!

This weekend Dave and I made the decision to buy a new desktop computer. We have been talking this one over for quite some time, and we finally decided to take the plunge. We're both finishing up our master's in Curriculum and Instruction this semester. That means action research projects and online classes. We were finding it hard to get all of our work done on a laptop and 8 year old slug of a desktop computer. So, in order to reduce our frustration levels and to concentrate on our work, we bought a iMac desktop computer. By the way... IT'S FABULOUS! As you can see in the pic it's very sleek and "pretty". It's great for work too! I've already logged about 6 hours working on my project, and I have to say that it gets the STEPH STAMP OF APPROVAL! I'm a technology nerd, so naturally I had to share my pretty yet functional new toy with you!



iMac and romantic!


I need to get another computer as well!!! You guys sound like you are doing well!!! We need to come and visit you you have any weekends that are good for you???

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