Sunday, January 24, 2010

Busy School Week

This past week seemed to be jam-packed with extra school stuff. On Tuesday night I stayed and judged science fair then went back up for the student open house. I really enjoy taking the time to really look at and enjoy the students hard work they put into their projects. And, to make it even better, my friend Ashlee brought her ADORABLE little girl, Kinlee. I had to take pictures... I just can't help myself! She's too cute!

Then Friday night our jr. high kids had a winter dance. My kind husband, myself, and fellow teachers Kelly and Ashlee spent most of the evening playing with Kinlee once again. The only different was we played to the tune of "Brown Eyed-Girl" and "Party in the USA". It was nice to spend some time with fellow teachers outside of school. I always enjoy being with my colleagues because they are absolutely WONDERFUL friends!

One busy, yet exciting week down... lots more to come!


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