Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 1 "Ivory" Part 2

"Ivory" Part Deux
Ok, so I was playing around with more photos of my sweet little photo subject, and I made another photo that I feel represents "Ivory" to the T.  I love this photo and effect because it's very dreamy and creamy.  I think it makes her look like a sweet little angel!
(You can tell she LOVES my hubbie's guitar... TOO CUTE!)

Ok, I promise that's my last "ivory" post.  I must go be a responsible adult and read from my cognitive psychology book.  (fun, fun)



Dreamy :)

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@ Megula
I know... that's what I thought too. That's why I just had to post another. :o)


ooh! I really love this!! Perfectly imperfect. Completely adorable.


It really nice picture, :-)


I really like the creamy quality of this shot! You're right, too, it's a perfect manifestation of ivory through light. I love it!


Oh yes, i love both of your ivory shots, but this one is right on! beautiful, it really is dreamy and creamy! your daughter is adorable as well! My first thought was of my daughters fair Irish skin as well! but she was in bed so I picked a different subject :) fabulous blog as well, I have a feeling i will be back :) Enjoy day 2!

Tammy Lee Bradley

Ooh. This one is sweet too.

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