Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 2's Assignment: "Picnic"

First of all, I want to say THANK YOU to all of my new visitors.  I love to read your comments!  It makes boot camp even more fun to get feedback.  Please continue to visit because I really enjoy your company!

Day 2's Assignment:  "Picnic"
Version 1:  "Picnic"  
I used "Vanilla Pop" from Paint the Moon and "Cross Processing" from Coffeeshop

 Version 2: "Picnic"
I used "Simply Vintage" and "Cross Processing" both from Coffeeshop

This is my interpretation of what the word "picnic" means to me.  The first version is bright and colorful, while the second version has an antique vibe about it.  

So, why this picture?

I'm trying to push my creativity and take pictures that are not so literal.  So, I thought about it, talked to my wonderful hubbie, and thought about it some more.  Then I realized that I could just use my experiences with picnics to inspire me!  Dave and I have been on many summer picnics (the joy of a two teacher household) and the first thing that popped into my head is walking around barefoot on the cool grass.  (Since summer is my time off from work, I don't really like to wear shoes at all, so I thought it appropriate to express that in my photo.)  When picnicking, I also think about relaxing under the warm, soothing sunshine.  Unfortunately, today is an overcast day here in Southern Illinois, so I played around with some color options in both photos to get the same "feel" as a bright sunny day.  I used my thoughts as inspiration and just went with it, and I came up with this photo.  I really like it because I feel it not only expresses the word "picnic", but it also shows my relaxed personality too!  That's what I want to do with my pictures... show a bit of myself in each one!

I hope you enjoy my "picnic" assignment as much as I do.  Thanks for visiting and commenting.  
I appreciate all of my new blogger buddies and comments!



version 2 is my favourite.. i love the colour tones in it!! great use of picnic - i love it xx


Fun. I like the first.

Tammy Lee Bradley

And I like the first. I like that you didn't think so literal. I struggle with that. ♥tlb


very nice! I too, love the feeling of the cool grass beneath my toes :-) You are inspiring me to try out some actions...just need to figure out how ;-)


Very cool pics! I love the color of your nail polish too.


I like the 1st one best. I had a similar idea after I had already taken mine. Plus it's too hot here.


i like version 1. when you get a chance, see my latest post (6/7). there's something there for you. cheers!


Hi! happy to be following. I tried to leave a comment this morning, but Blogger was down for a LONG time! So glad it's back up!!


Great job!


Amazing!!! So beautiful


Lovely! I am a teacher too (middle school :). Here's mine from today:


Love the first photo, sums up summer picnics....fab

Sarah C

Brilliant take on the word. Love it


I really love this image! I think I prefer the bright colors here. Feeling the grass on your feet really evokes the mood of a picnic for me too!

This Heavenly Life

And this is why I'm not a photographer...I'd be way too literal with this word prompt, whereas you've done a beautiful abstract job! I love the first one the most, I think. So vibrant and, well -- picnic-y :)

Purple Dreams

aww, so0o0 summerish!


I love this photo, for so many reasons! the second version is my favorite, i adore all things vintage. :) I can relate to this, i too love going barefoot and sometimes wish shoes were never invented, flip flops are okay, but shoes are just so constricting! also, my husband and i are both teachers so I totally understand the feeling of being off for the summer! love your concept of picnic, fabulous!


Those are SO great! I love the nail polish color!

SLW Designs -

Even though I am not doing the Bootmcamp I thought I would comment anyways....Love the first one!! :) I always knew you were creative, and that shows with the beautiful pictures you have been taking...especially of my gorgeous daughter :) Miss ya!!


beautiful picture for the 2nd day assignment. Nice that incooperated something about your personality.
I will do the award thing, but it may take me a while, due to general craziness.
Thank you for tagging me :)


Thank you for your encouraging comments left on my blog. I needed to hear that.

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