Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 11's Assignment: "Hush"

Day 11's Assignment:  "Hush"

When I hear the word hush, I think of the pureness of true quiet.  Quiet is something that I relish in.  This is the only true time when I can connect with my thoughts.  I am one of those people... I love quiet!

One of the only places where I experience that true quiet is out on the farm where I grew up.  There is just something about being miles away from neighbors, traffic, and all the commotion of living in the town.  I never really knew how much I treasured this tranquility until I moved away.  Isn't that how it always is though?  I'm so glad that I now appreciate the peacefulness and what I once took for granted.

Out for a little bit of Mexican food then back to work on my "last" assignment for class!  (woot, woot)


Tammy Lee Bradley

Perfectly captured. I too grew up on a farm and love the quiet. I now live in Florida and dislike the beach, people, traffic. :P


Gorgeous photo! I want to walk down that road.


Very pretty. It looks very quiet.

blue china studio

Beautiful! I like quiet too. I know what you mean by the absolute quiet of the country.


Great photo. It feels quiet.


LOVE the look of this shot and the simplicity of the lines. great interpretation of the assignment and of the image.


I am a farm girl too, and I crave quiet. What a beautiful photo that sums it up!


Wow... that's beautiful!


i grew up in the farm lands too! i miss it and the peacefulness :( wonderful photo for hush

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