Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 10's Assignment: "Full Bodied"

Day 10's Assignment:  "Full Bodied"

I tried to have a little bit of fun with today's word prompt.  I haven't had a "self-portrait" yet, so why not today?  I'm not overly impressed with the end result, but I had fun with it anyway.  Not to mention, it gave me a little break from master's class work.  Lately, that's been eating up my time, so it's nice to take a creative break.  By the way, something kind of ironic... on Friday I'm doing a presentation on the role that cognition plays in creativity.  I thought it was interesting because it connects my hobby with my studies.

I don't have a lot of time today, so I can't ramble on too much like I usually do.  Hopefully tomorrow my classwork load will be lessened, and I will feel more inspired...

Happy Tuesday All!


Tammy Lee Bradley

You did a great job. It was a hard prompt. I went with the obvious wine shot.


I am enjoy your twist on the challenge for today. I like the feeling of warmth in the photo and the contrast of cloth, skin and hardwood combine with perspective to create a lot of interest.

The Hollywood Memoirs

I really like this! It's a great interpretation of the them and an really interesting self-portrait. Mind if I ask what you're pursuing a Masters in?


Love your interpretation of "full bodied."


I love your take on the prompt :) Such pretty toe nails!


What a great concept for the prompt!

This Heavenly Life

What a shot! Gorgeous, but...I see no full body...just some nicely trim legs!

(But I do love your interpretation of the prompt :) Nice work!)


great shot! love the colors and just how it looks overall :) i took a few full bodied pics of myself as well, with and emphasis on my hips :)

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