Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 1's Assignment: "Ivory"

Day 1's Assignment:  "Ivory"
I thought about what the word "ivory" means to me.  As a redhead, I right away thought about my skin tone.  I know that sounds silly, but my friend Steph and I were talking about redhead's "ivory" skin tone and how beautiful it is (as long as you protect it from the sun).  So it made sense to me to use a picture of my good friend Steph's daughter for my photo today.

This was a beautiful photo straight out of the camera, but to highlight her beautiful "ivory" skin, so I ran a PSE action called "whipped cream" and it really gave the photo a creamy color.

I'm really happy about how my first assignment turned out.  How do you not just LOVE a sweet little redheaded girl?  (I'm a bit partial though...)

If you are a part of the creativity boot camp and are visiting my blog, please feel free to comment.  As we all should, please keep comments respectful and positive.  Negativity is not ok!!

Happy viewing!    


Maegan Beishline

Oh my goodness, Stephanie! I adore that picture! The perspective is amazing and the tones are perfect! I almost photographed my baby's skin for ivory, too...but I ended up doing something different.

Thanks for participating! xo

Maegan Beishline

Oh, btw...where is the whipped cream action from?

Diana Joy

Beautiful photo and child. My granddaughter (3 months) is a redhead with Ivory skin also. I love redheads coloring.

Maegan: Whipped Cream is an action form program called Photoshop Elements. I've not tried it but this is inspiring to do so.


aww she is beautiful, and this photo is amazing!!! i shall be following your blog!!! xxx


What a beautiful photo, with an adorable subject!


What a beautiful interpretation of ivory!


Lovely! My first assignment is not quite done, but here is a link:


Love your interpretation of the theme and I love little redheads too!

The Hollywood Memoirs

As a fellow porcelain skinned, (enhanced) redhead, I immediately thought of skin tone, too. A beautiful capture of a beautiful girl.

blue china studio

What a great interpretation of "ivory". That is a beautiful photo!


Love it! Gorgeous photo :)


Gorgeous girl and gorgeous photo. I'll have to check out that action in PSE.


adorable! married to a redhead. sadly no redheaded kids. great photo.


beautiful photo and little girl! I haven't used any actions for PSE, can you recommend some?


this is adorable. i love your take on ivory! i am new to ps, and haven't used actions, either. how do you use them?

Pink Kiwi Studios

I love your interpretation. I also thought of skin tones, but I have olive skin and my kids are darker yet. I just didn't know anyone with ivory skin. Great pictures.


So sweet! My niece has red hair (she's seven) - she likes to say it's strawberry blond -- little does she know how lucky she is. This reminded me of her - thank you!


Awwwww! She's so cute!!!
Perfect start to boot camp :)


She is gorgeous! What a beautiful photo :)


beautiful photo


lovely photo, beautiful child!



Bethany Mason

I love how everyone has such completely different ideas all inspired by one word. Good luck with the rest of the boot camp x


i love the photo of the little girl with the guitar. so peaceful and beautiful. i am participating in creativity bootcamp as well!


Oh my goodness! So cute :) I am doing the boot camp as well. I found your from Tammy's blog. And I extra love this because my husband has red hair and so do both my babies!

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