Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 3's Assignment: "Multilayered"

Day 3's Assignment:  "Multilayered"

At first thought, one would think that "multilayered" would be simple... right?  Well, I wanted to think outside of the box and not photograph something obvious.  After all, that is my goal for boot camp, to push myself past the obvious and extend my creativity.  I also like to photograph things that make me happy and somehow reflect myself, so that poses another challenge.

So after breakfast I headed off to master's class.  The entire time we were discussing online forums and case study requirements, I was thinking...thinking...thinking (about my pic for the day that is)!  I rushed home hoping to capture my shot, but I really had no specific idea in my head.  I did what I always do, I picked up my trusty Canon and starting firing away!  That's what "real" artists do ... just go with the flow, right?  :o)

I'm a picture snapper in that I will take a MILLION pics and then weed out what I don't like or whatever doesn't fit the style I'm looking for.  So with those intensions in mind, I started walking around the house snapping whatever I felt embodied "multilayered".  I still really didn't have anything that I LOVED recorded, so I took a break and did some classwork (how responsible of me).  While I was watching a really interesting lecture online (wink, wink), my puppies fell asleep around me.  Now, let me tell you that they are not normal dogs!  They love to get snuggled in with the blankets and pillows just like humans.  Instead of paying attention to the cognition lecture, I was thinking, "Look at my crazy dogs, they're under 2 layers of blankets and 2 layers of pillows!"  And then, I realized... duh, LAYERS!!  So, out came the camera and SNAP, SNAP, SNAP (and about a billion more).  In picture review mode, I came across this little jewel.  I love the composition of the pic, with the layers in the foreground and background blurred out.  Don't forget Mr. Ferdinand's face is priceless (he and Ralph are the best).  And, I  know he's thinking, "Ahhh... This is the life!"

Normally, I like a dreamy light coloring to my photos, but I tried something new because there was so many yellow and red tones because I was so low on lighting (it's raining today).  All in all, I really like the end result.  I think it shows the style and vision I was going for.  And, I got to show off my puppies, which I always love to do!

Day 3 ... CHECK  


Tammy Lee Bradley

Lovely photo. I too thought of triple sheeted beds. Like the beds in London overlooking the Thames with full breakfast and tea served on a little cart. *sigh*

Hop on over and see my silly photos.


He looks about as cozy as a bug in a rug. Great pic :)

blue china studio

This is a great photo! Love the colors (and of course your dog!).


I want to climb in bed with him.

I love that you shared the process that went into getting your shot.

Purple Dreams

Awww, it looks so0o0 comfy!!


Wonderful layers! I agree with Jamie--thanks for sharing your process :)


oh stephanie this is so sweet. i love that your dogs sleep in bed under the blankets like people.
i totally understand the shoot a million pictures and then finally find 'the one' after sifting through all of them. I sometimes do the same thing.
i'm loving that everyone in this class has such great stories behind all their photographs.
see you tomorrow. :)


I love it - what a cozy shot, all the layers of warmth and love :)


love this picture, it looks so soft and cuddly! love that his name is Mr. Ferdinand...so cute!


Oh so cute!!!


My husband and I *love* this :)


GREAT photo! That dog looks like a good friend.

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