Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 4's Assignment: "Heavy Metal"

Day 4's Assignment:  "Heavy Metal"

Straight Out of Camera Shot

My Pops and "His Metal" in Heavy Metal Mode

Another Version of "Heavy Metal"

Ok, now it's story time!  (You knew that way coming, right?)

The moment I read today's topic, I already knew my inspiration, my dad, mom and our farm!  My parents got married fairly young and times were tough when I was young.  My dad started our little grain farm in addition to his "regular" job.  Let me tell you, if you don't know what a farmer's day-to-day life is like, it's rough!  Nothing ever works right and there's always SOOO much to do.  My dad still pulls off a job at the railroad with crazy hours and continues to farm in his "free time".  And, my mom has always been there to run him here, pick up this part, and to run the household!  My mom and dad are some of the toughest, hardest working people I know.  To me, they are the definition of "heavy metal".

Like I said, when I heard our topic of the day, my brain automatically associated the word not with music, but with farm machinery and my parents.  It makes me smile because I used to HATE going for road trips with my parents to go look at farm equipment when I was little.  Now when I look around the farm, I see a tough beauty.  I see all the time, money, and love my parents have put into creating what I will always call my "home".  

Our farm is full of heavy metal, but as rough as it can be, it will always hold a sweet spot in my heart.  I want to finish today by saying I love my momma and pops.  Their "heavy metal" hard work and determination to make it in life has always been my inspiration to keep pushing myself to become great.


Lou and Mel

A very clever idea for heavy metal and some really great photos too!


Wonderful shots. Loving your edits.

Betty Anne

Great pictures and a wonderful story.

Sarah P.

Very cool.

SLW Designs -

I like the third version the best....very vintage!! :)


ooh great photos, the 3rd version is my favourite too - i love the vintage look!!!

Purple Dreams

great idea!!!

Tammy Lee Bradley

A totally different spin. Each person that I asked today what "Heavy Metal" meant to them, they each had a totally different answer. :)

Nice photos. See you tomorrow. Tam


Love your interpretation! The 2nd one is my favorite :)

Pink Kiwi Studios

Love your pictures but especially love your story. How wonderful that your parents have inspired you so much.


very cool! I love how everyone's brain takes them somewhere different, somewhere special to them! I love that you connected it to something that means so much to you. I love all of your versions! it is so cool to see the various looks one picture can take on! I love that you are pushing yourself to try new things during this camp, i need to do that to. Great work! I am originally from Midwest - Indiana, so seeing tractors is oh so nice!

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