Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 6's Assignment: "Liquid"

Day 6's Assignment:  "Liquid"

Today with our word prompt we were supposed to go a little bit out of our comfort zone.  Do something that we normally don't do with our medium...  Well I have a hard time just "going crazy" (that may be my tendencies to be a perfectionist), but I tried something a little different, while staying true to myself with my photo today.

The little something new... I tried some different processing with this photo.  I normally like a creamy color to my photos, but I played up the cool/blue tones in this photo.  I really love the color of the water and the sparkle of the sunlight.  It gives me such a "summery" feeling!!

The "Stephanie" that's still in my photo... As I have stated before, I have to connect with the subjects in my photos.  Each picture has to mean something in someway to me.  Otherwise, I don't feel the connection to the pic, even if it is beautiful.  So, I didn't want to take a picture of just some random liquid... I got my good ol' boy Ferdinand involved.  He LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to go swimming!  He stands on the edge (as seen in the pic), curls up like a spring, jumps like five feet straight up, and CANNONBALL into the water!!  I can't lay out and tan with this little guy around...  He loves getting the "liquid" all over mom, dad, and whoever else is around!

I'm really happy with this shot today.  The colors are something new that I haven't tried before, and it makes me so happy to see one of my little guys so happy!

Happy Friday!  

By the way... This song was in my head the whole time I was putting this post together!  It's such a fun summer song and shows how much fun our topic of the day can be!



As usual your photo blew me away. I'm struggling a bit with today's assignment so it is helpful to see such a great example

Then I Got Fat

I want to dive right in! It looks so cool and refreshing. Great job.


It's fabulous. I wish I had a pool! I just posted all of this week's assignments in one post. I couldn't keep up with the posts all week!

Betty Anne

Awesome colors -- your dog definitly makes the picture great : )

Nancy Y

the colors are amazing. Ferdinand is just like my sister's springer Pepper - amazing how they actually do spring isn't it? Pepper cannonballs right onto Drake the black lab LOL


Oh, those colors are really vibrant and beautiful! Nice!


I love that color blue...good for you for trying something a little different. Your dog is so cute!



Tammy Lee Bradley

Love the colors! Add a dog to any picture and I am hooked. :) See ya tomorrow. Be sweet. ♥ tlb

Purple Dreams

the pool looks so0o0 inviting! love the color!


sorry I missed you yesterday...i love your pic...I'd love to swim in your pool even It looks great :)


OH MY! I LOVE THIS ONE! the water just looks so beautiful and i love how he is dripping and ready to get back in! very good! the color is beautiful as well! great song too!

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