Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 5's Assignment: "Grow"

Day 4's Assignment:  "Grow"

I had a difficult time choosing one picture for "grow", so I did another multi-picture post.  These three pictures representing "grow" all represent something extremely important in my life.  Because I am ten years older, I've had the honor of watching my little sister grow up right in front of my eyes.  Her and I have been very close since day one, and I'm so proud of the little lady she is becoming.  As a teacher, I take pride in watching my students' minds grow throughout the year.  Seeing them transform day to day is one of the best parts of being a teacher!  And, as a wife of almost three years, I have seen our love and marriage grow that much stronger.  I can't imagine where we will be in five or ten years...

What a fun word!  I must now go and "grow" my intelligence on cognitive psychology.  Quiz time!

Happy boot campin' all!  


Sarah P.

That is the perfect growth sequence. Good work.


this is totally perfect, i love it xxx

Tammy Lee Bradley

Very nice. Embraces all that is dear to you - and grows in your heart.


there is just so much growth in our lives that it made it hard to narrow it down today! your pictures are a great timeline.

my asked the lens that came with my canon rebel. 55 mm lens, i think. but, i absolutely love that camera!


We went in a very similar direction with the journaling today :0)
PS: Adorable classroom picture.


Such a thoughtful sequence of photos and words...I had similar thoughts with this boot camp assignment.

Hannah [Farmgirl in Flipflops]

Heyyy!! Thanks for your lovely compliments on my blog... I used a Canon 28-135mm lens that day. Which I love. =)

Hannah [farmgirl in flipflops]

Hey, again!! Yep, I do believe I used my 28-135 that day, too. But my FAV lens by far is the 50mm 1.4 - it absolutely ROCKS as far as lenses go! It's fab for portraits and practically anything else. LOVE it!


Love the photos - the way the work together and the thought that went into the post.

Purple Dreams

aww, soo sweet!


oh, i love this creation :) and you and the hubby are very cute! i really like how you focused on your various areas of growth, it serves a great reflection as well :)

Kim Mailhot

great job with this assignment camper...perfect photos for the grow theme.

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