Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 8's Assignment: "Ornament"

Day 8's Assignment:  "Ornament"

Ok, I know... another dog picture!  Today I wanted to feature Ralphie, since Ferdy has been famous three times already.

Our word today was "ornament".  I didn't want to go too literal, so I just thought I would keep an open mind (as I have been trying to do everyday).  So when my hubby, Ralph, Ferdy, and I went for a morning drive to get breakfast, I took my camera with me (just incase).  When we go for rides with the boys, we always let them hang their heads out the windows, and today was another one of those days of window fun.  Now... as far as I know, hanging their heads out of windows is pretty far up on their doggie fun lists!  So as we drove, I couldn't help but keep looking in the side mirrors at how happy/silly our boys are!  Then, presto... I thought our boys are our car's ornament.  They decorate our Jeep with all of their springer spaniel glory (and drool).  

Out comes the camera!
I had never taken a picture of a reflection in the side mirror of a car, so I wasn't sure how they would turn out.  But actually in the end, I think it's a really fun shot!  I think Ralphie looks so poised as he lets his ears flap in the wind.  In my eyes, he certainly makes a super cute car ornament!

I had fun with this picture (and so did the boys).



This is absolutely amazing!!!

Tammy Lee Bradley

This ia a wonderful shot, color, and perspective! LOVE!


What an amazing shot! Love it.

David Lerch


I have to comment on how proud I am of you! You are the best photographer I have ever seen. I feel so lucky to try to be the husband you deserve every single day! You are amazing...



I have the best hubbie... Love you too!!


one can never have enough dog pictures. I tend to use my yungest daugter alot as I am always around her(just love being with her) . This is great and not an easy task to catch.

SLW Designs -
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Love the photo. Very creative idea!!

blue china studio

Just love it!

Mme. Jellyfish

So awesomeeeee! I wish Luke would stick his head out the window when we go for rides. However, he prefers to sit on the backseat and get super comfortable like he's at home...which I guess is okay too. Ha.


What an excellent Photo! very good work.


love it! very creative thinking, glad you took your camera along with you for the ride :)

Sarah C

This is brilliant and such a fun photo x


hahaha!! what an AWESOME shot!!

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