Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 9's Assignment: "Drizzle"

Day 9's Assignment:  "Drizzle"

I'm such a kid at heart!  I love me my chocolate milk.  Drizzling in the Hershey's syrup reminds me of breakfast with my dad.  He passed on to me his love for all things sweet!

I also tried out a new action.  I'm a big fan of the vintage vibe.  The picture could have been better, but the lighting was not the greatest today.  Not to mention I haven't had a lot of time to dedicate to anything else but reading, taking quizzes, and posting on discussion boards for class.  A couple more days of my last class, two chapters in my thesis, and I will officially be done and have earned my master's degree.  

Can't wait...  Then I can have more time to TAKE PICTURES!! :o)



Makes me very thirsty!


mm can I have one too.. but mine has to be in the same it




Oh my! Now I want chocolate milk! I think we just may have some syrup too!


Great shot! I don't really like chocolate milk often but now I want some! What action did you use??


I used a new set of free actions from Mulletgod (I know... funny). I believe it was called vintage white. I'm a huge fan of vintage looks! If you're interested in the action, google Photography Haven. I found the action set on her pages listing out free pse/ps actions. I hope that helps... :)


I love chocolate milk too! and i love how you went with the vintage vibe, it looks so great! I love that everything is out of focus except for your subject, great work

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