Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy Day

Today is a good day.

1.  I woke up early (like I wanted to) and drafted my LAST CHAPTER of my thesis!

2.  Today is our little town's parade, and I'm walking in it with other teachers from my school.

3.  I will get to see some of my students on the parade route (I miss them)!

4.  My hubbie and I are going for a dip at his grandparents' after the hot parade.

5.  Grandma Norma is making my favorite food... TACOS!

6.  My wedding anniversary is almost one week away (3 years)!

7.  My family is healthy and happy!!

I'm going off now to enjoy my day.  I'll be back soon with fun, and probably entertaining, pictures from the parade.  This is "the" event in my town every year, so there's always lots to see...

Hope your day is happy too!



Enjoy your very happy day.


sounds like such a fun day! okay, i really love this shot! the colors are really amazing and his eyes just jump awesome! that parade sounds like fun, i love stuff like that, cant wait to see your photo's. Also, congrats on your anniversary coming up! it's funny, my hubby and i's ann is this week! dont you just love being married to "the one"

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