Sunday, June 27, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

My newest find...

Check out the  "Hey Harriet" blog, who is the host of this fun theme!

Here is my first "Sunday Shadow Shot"

This picture is of my wonderful hubbie and his poppa!  I love it because it's simple, yet tells a story.  Dave and his dad are both wonderful men, and I'm so thankful to have them as family.  
Edited with one of my new actions "white chocolate sauce" from Paint the Moon's Summer Breeze set.


Manang Kim

Beautiful shot!

Little Barn


awww..beautiful father-son image!! I've been tempted to get those Paint the moon actions but I'm trying to hold back..there are so many that I want. You seem to really doing nice things with them.

Tammy Lee Bradley

Looks like a fun assignment. I may have to partake next week.


I love Paint the Moon's actions... they are subtle and really suit my style. If you like the retro/dreamy look, you will like them!

Barbara and Nancy

Wonderful feeling in this shot. What's Paint the Moon?


Paint the Moon is a photography website/blog. Annie is the photographer, and not only does she take beautiful pictures, but she also creates photoshop actions... they are some of my favs!


love this shot! I am so happy you are doing shadow shot Sunday! i will love seeing the your photo's each week! so fun! i really like what you did here, a fun shadow and also fun to capture father son!

Magical Mystical Teacher

Side by side they walk,
father and son, no shadows
can eclipse their love.

Derelict Dwelling Shadows

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