Friday, June 25, 2010

New Actions from Paint the Moon: Tille's Attic

I love actions, and I especially love Paint the Moon's actions!
Annie, the founder and genius behind the BEAUTIFUL actions and photography is fabulous!
Her pictures insipire me, and I'm so very happy that she creates beautiful actions and shares them with the world.  Well, today she released her newest action set, Tille's Attic.  She's been posting teaser pics for weeks now, and I've been anxiously awaiting the release.  Yay, today was the day!!  I'm such a nerd, but I just had to do at least one picture before bed.  (Can you say addict??)

This is an oldie from my class's field trip to St. Louis's famous Soulard Market.  
I used the "downtown chic" action from the Tille's Attic set on this pic.  I'm telling you though, if you like actions, you need to pick up this sets because they are all gorgeous!  Annie said she worked on the set for a  long time, and you can tell.  The tones are awesome!  I can't wait to shoot around this weekend and play some more.  Today my day was spent at the computer typing, typing, typing on my second to last chapter of my thesis, so this happy picture made me feel a little bit better about the day as a whole!

Thanks Annie from Paint the Moon Photography!  Your actions are beautiful and will bring me many happy shots in the future.  If you like beautiful, dreamy photos and/or actions, make sure you head on over to Annie's site.  It's so much fun.  I could and do spend a lot of time there!

Weekend, here we come... 



Wow - what a great new discovery!

Tammy Lee Bradley

Looks like you are enjoying the actions. Have fun! Tam

Paint the Moon Photography

Thank you so much, dear! Your photo is wonderful ... love the perspective and details. Thanks so much for all the kind words. I am so happy that YOU are happy with the actions! <3

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