Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Days

What do you love most about summer?

Here's my top 5 things I love about summer...

1.  Spending my days with my hubbie (the joy of a two-teacher household)

2.  Naps (just like my under-grad days)

3.  Working outside in our yard and coming in to ice cold tea (the picture says it all)

4.  Having extra time to clean all those things that I say I'll do eventually (drawers, closets, cabinets)

5.  Spending time enjoying my love of photography & editing

Now it's time to share your favorites...



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What a perfect photo for this subject! The lighting is great. I don't even like tea and that looks delicious. This was a lovely lovely post, especially #5. :)

Tammy Lee Bradley

Lovely photo and topic. Being in FL, I am not sure I enjoy it as much. Too hot!


I'm thinking a teaching career could be in my future - summers off sounds good.


Sweet tea- being in the SOUTH! Not sure where you are?

Finding myself poolside at my aunt's house on the weekends.

Finding myself in coastal carolina at some point.



beautiful shot! now i am really thirsty :) that is a great list. Hm, i really enjoy naps as well, and going to the beach or the pool, bike rides, freshly mowed lawn, going barefoot! wow, summer is really great huh!?


I forgot about barefoot... that's one of my favs too!!!

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