Friday, July 30, 2010

Fix it Friday Photo Editing

It's time again for photo editing fun over at I Heart Faces!

Here is the original photo...
It's a great photo right of of the camera, but I put my twist on it by giving it a vintage/dreamy/retro look (which is always my fav)!  This week I did several versions of the photo because I was having so much fun (as you can clearly see)!

The first three photos were first edited with Coffeeshop's Perfect Portrait action.  I sparkled up the eyes, and played around with the levels a bit.  After that, I then used three different actions from My Four Hens Photography!  I love Sarah's actions and use them on a lot of my own photos, so I thought I would use them with this week's fix-it photo also!

Version 1
I used the Amber Wishes action from the Light and Bright set on this photo.  I love the slightly vintage look it gave to it, but yet the purple in her dress and her sparkly blue eyes still pop!

Version 2
On this photo, I ran the Patty Cake action from the Rock a Bye Baby set.  Once again, I love the subtle color pops in her dress, eyes, and the grass.

Version 3
On the third photo, I ran the Girlie Girl action from the first Sweetheart action set (the second set is coming out on August 1 when she celebrates her shop's one year anniversary)!  I love all three versions of the photo using the actions from My Four Hens.  Each is a little different, but they all have the same overall effect that I go for in my photos.

Version 4
On the fourth photo, I wanted to do a little something different.  I ran a really fun black/white conversion on this photo.  I love the purple/chocolate tones and how her eyes are the first thing you see when you look at the picture!

Yay for another fix-it-friday!



Wow, these are all great! I think version 3 is my fav :) Just to let you know, I wanted to pass along an award to you (passed on to me by Jamie from Lyrical Journey) But then I realized she passed it on to you too! So I gave your blog a re-shout-out instead :)


i don't think i have a favorite--i really like them all. great job with the editing!!


Great edits :) I like them all but version 2 is my favorite!!!

Amy Henderson


Barb Phillips

I agree that number 3 is the best photo

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