Thursday, July 29, 2010

You Capture {Play}


I couldn't help myself...

My favorite thing to "play" with is my camera.  What can I say, it just makes me happy!  There's just something about photos that makes me so very happy.  Not only do I love taking the photos, but I also love, love, love editing them!  Playing around in Photoshop is one of my biggest stress relievers.  

Playing with my camera and Photoshop soothes my little redheaded soul! 


Betty Anne

I so agree with you about playing with my camera -- I was feeling a bit stressed about packing for vacation that starts on Saturday -- so I went outside this afternoon to take pictures for a class I am taking. I realized when I came back inside that I hadn't felt any stress at all while I was taking pictures. I'm not sure if editing is a stress reliever yet because I'm just getting started and still learning.


You are to funny!!! Love the picture :) Can't wait to see you guys again!!!


You are too cute! :)


such a great take on "play". love it!


I agree! Sometimes sitting down and taking your frustrations out in photoshop is just the right cure.


Creative~ and I'm jealous of your camera.


you're so cute..and I agree, playing in photoshop (and now lightroom) is fun fun!!

In The Moment

Very clever! I love it ... thanks for your nice comment ... I love editing too, although sometimes I get so into uploading I forget to do it first ... lol

Ashley Sisk

Why didn't I think of that...that's my favorite thing to play with too!


LOVE THIS! it is perfect for this challenge. Such a cute photo :) I agree, playing with the camera is the best past time EVER!

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