Sunday, July 18, 2010

From the Shadows {Shadow Shot Sunday}

It's time again for Shadow Shot Sunday over at Hey Harriet!

I thought this was an interesting shot because it was taken from the shadows looking out into the sunshine.  Lately I've been all about cloud pictures, and it just so happens I caught a really cool one from the shadows!  

Happy Sunday All!



What a great perspective


That's beautiful!


Excellent shadow shot!

Rosebud Collection

Oh boy, we are on the same page..I love the sky..
Even though my shadows are not the is my first love...What a beautiful picture you took..Happy SSS.


cool. happy SSS!


I like the idea of standing in the cool shadows looking out to the beautiful sky and clouds. Nice photo!

Ashley Sisk

This is a great shot - very neat perspective!

Betty Anne

I am a cloud lover too -- the perspective on this shot is really cool : )


LOVE it! great photo and a fun new way of taking shadow shots :)

Maggie B

Great shot, don't you just love blue skies and white fluffy clouds?

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