Saturday, July 17, 2010

View From the Top {SOOC Saturday}

Yay... I found another fun themed day at Slurping Life' s blog!

This is a challenge for me because I LOVE to edit photos, but I thought it would be fun to challenge myself a bit.

Recently, Dave and I spent the day with his mom, aunt, and cousin visiting a local river town up on the bluffs of the Mississippi River Valley.  They have the cutest little wineries there!  I drank sody and tea, but it was still fun to just relax and feel the wonderful breeze blowing on my face!

This is my SOOC shot from one of the wineries we visited.  It was so beautiful just to watch the river flow by... It was really hot on this day, but wayyyyy up high we got a great breeze!

This was the day after I finished my master's, so it felt so good to just be out in the open enjoying the wonderful summer sun!


Maureen @ Cottage 960

I know that winery, I have some shots from there too. That is quite a view. We just went up to Grafton last night. We went into Pere Marquette park & sat on the tailgate of our truck and watched the sun set & enjoyed a glass or two of wine. And, that’s a great SOOC shot, BTW.

SoCo mom

Congratulations and it looks like you picked a great way to celebrate!

Ashley Sisk

Beautiful shots - I have to remind myself to leave some photos unedited because I also love to edit photos.

Tara R.

Such a beautiful vista. Lovely capture.


Very nice and by this image it makes me want to go and have the breeze on my face. I'd sip the wine though (:

Tammy Lee Bradley

Wow. Great view.

K- floortime lite mama

WOW that is soooo gorgeous


great shot! love the new theme day...i am gonna have to check it out! thanks for the share :)


You can send some of that breeze my way.....


Great shot - and congrats on finishing that Masters

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