Friday, July 9, 2010

I Heart Faces {Fix It Friday}

Original Picture

My Edited Version

I'm a big fan of the fresh, sunshiny look in my photos, so I stuck with actions from Paint the Moon's "Fresh" action set.
First I used "Pop My Flare" to bring in a bright burst of light.
Then, I added a sfaux sun flare effect from the same "Fresh" collection (around 20% opacity) to give it a subtle dreamy effect.

I really like the final product.  My edits are not drastic, but I feel they make the picture bright and happy. I love to bring my personality to pictures.  It's a fun way to express myself!

Happy Friday All!



That's a gorgeous shot - and like you said, while it's not a drastic difference, it's enough to make the photo more unique and brilliant.


Gorgeous! I like bright and colorful photos too


I love the vibrant colors here..and that sunflare effect is perfect! You are making me want to get those actions...

Annie Manning

I adore this photo! Such a delight for the senses with the happy colors and pretty light! Wonderful work editing!


nice job. i don't have photoshop or any good editing software, but the more i see what others are doing with it, the more i want to get me some!

Jessica Green

Thank you, I am enjoying using Rayn as my practice. However, I am going to have to sit down one day and have you teach me some wonderful things that I have not figured out on my own! One more month of summer! Happy late Anniversary and Congratulations on almost being done with your master's degree.


beautiful shot, love the touches you made, it looks so great. I think i might have to give this challenge a try sometime! thanks for the share :)

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